Hovver is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based artists Chris Lunney and Katherine Brice. Through their individual and shared experiences, the two create work which investigates physical perception and spiritual philosophies.  

Through the process of play and experimentation, Hovver investigates the perception of light, sound and space.  These experiments are then developed through the principles of design and iteration to present works that focus on the viewer’s experience.  Their artworks lead the viewer to become a participant, and aim to manifest visceral, ethereal, and introspective moments within mind and body.

Their project Liminal Scope is an immersive light and sound installation, in which three rings frame the transit of light through space. The audiovisual score enmeshes harmonic frequencies, rhythmic motion, and gradients of color, orchestrating a narrative which navigates tension and release.

Our form of reality is mutually constructed by our perceptions along with their limitations.  The installation’s rings form an aperture that focuses and reveals a spatial quality of light, which usually remains unseen.  Liminal Scope is a meditation on these perceptual limitations as they relate to our shared and individual perspectives on reality.