Théodore Fivel + Freeka Tet

Born in Paris, and raised in its underground circles in the 1980s and 1990s, Théodore Fivel is a polymorphous artist who has privileged new trends and urban practices throughout his career. From electronic music to performances, video to fashion, Théodore Fivel’s work always deals with crafts and collective production, in a very particular self-ironic and dandy manner. In parallel to his performances, reflecting a childish poetry, whether conceived alone or collectively in New York and Paris, Théodore Fivel has always created objects going from sculpture, to installation and film. Often ephemeral and emerging in various contexts, his work always goes further than the borders of the “legitimate” arenas of the contemporary art world. Théodore Fivel’s goal is in fact to interfere with modernist codes and to promote a way of life made of singularity, daring and generosity.

For a few years now, Théodore Fivel has been focusing more on sculpture, using either sand, minerals, or paint as a main material. Impenetrable and wavering, his sculptures are based on a naïve approach to the material, ruling over the structure itself.  From inertia spurt out metaphysical compositions, colored patterns of iridescent dust, calling to mind fantastical deserts.

In his more recent series, “Charges,” the frontier between sculpture and painting becomes thinner creating an alchemy of strangeness, while always sublimating nature. The shapes of “Charges,”inspired by industrial design and carved in wood, are then layered with paint “charged” with different mineral components, than the artist then sculpts. This technique engenders polychrome sculptures with changeable materiality. While they may at first sight appear decorative, these sculptures in fact refer to the paradoxes of formalist theories.  The purpose here is to create ambiguous objects that question the instinct, and summon the seductive character of plastic arts. By playing with the composition and confronting colors, rises a reflection on abstraction and the constituents of any work of art, its materiality and exhibition context.

Theodore will be collaborating with Freeka Tet, a musician and visual artist, on the soundtrack and animations for his site specific installation at Day for Night. Freeka brings a deep knowledge of spatial sound and sound reactive visuals to enhance Theodore’s sculptural approach to large scale sand installations.

Freeka Tet is a French-born, New York City-based digital artist and creative mercenary working in the realm of experimental art. His practice combines objects, prosthetics, animatronics,hacking, coding, electronics, audio & video plunderphonics, bricolage, and performance-based work.  Taking inspiration from internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behaviour, Tet reinterprets the elements he comes into contact with, blurring creative expression with technical execution. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries such as La Gaité Lyrique, Benaki Museum, Fondation Cartier, and more. He often gives lectures and workshops on new media and interactivity for institutions such as the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Rennes and Samsung Creative. Tet has also collaborated with creative minds such as Kyle McDonald, Josh Head, Charlie Lemindu, and Satoru Higa, and has conceived stage or done consulting for musicians such as Chromeo, Jackson & His Computer Band and Gesaffelstein. His portfolio of clients includes Nike, Hotel W and Levi’s, among others.

Freeka is currently active as a creative consultant/designer and is a resident of the BSMT New Media Program at Mana Contemporary.