G Jones

Saturday 12:10–1:40 Yellow Stage

Few artist of electronic genre sounds quite the same as G Jones. Citing influences such as Bassnectar, DJ Shadow and Mr. Carmack, as part as rich music community, Jones’ sound gives a breath of fresh air. A staple of the American touring DJ circuit, G Jones has played at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Shambhalbma, Lite Bottle, Burning Man, and many other world renowned festivals.

Having started in California, Jones’ first release unto scene mix “new betas 2012” and singles stream. The flowing success of initial sound pieces, starting with a first release EP on German music label Saturate. 2013 saw as G Jones continue defy expectations, pushing the limits on so called “real trappy shit,” making the contrived ideas of EDM culture and sound obsolete. 2014 saw the critically acclaimed EP Ring the Alarm.

In 2016, Jones released one of his more ambitious songs to date, “Fuck What You Heard,” a flowing successful crossover hit with elements of dubstep, hip-hop, and other contemporary styles.