HoodCelebrityy, known for her spit fire lyrics, and ability to merge her hustler persona and her Jamaican background, creating a new genre in itself, and has become one of the fastest rising reggae artist to date.

HoodCelebrityy was born Tina Pinnock. Hood spent her early childhood in the hills of St. Catherine and Port More, Jamaica. It was then that the unbeknownst artist, HoodCelebrityy fell in love with the energetic and contagious rhythm of reggae music.

At the curve of becoming a teenager, HoodCelebrityy relocated to the states. HoodCelebrityy landed in the northernmost of 5 bouroughs in the concrete jungle, New York City, The Bronx.

It was the summer of 2015 that HoodCelebrityy’s long time friend and confidant, social media phenomenon and recording artist Cardi B called her up. “From there, Cardi posted my video and the rest is history. I went from 2,000 followers to 12,000 overnight. From Cardi’s post, I got so much love and recognition,” states HoodCelebrityy. The next day, I recorded my first single, “Wine Pon It”and shot the video. That too went viral and from there, it was no turning back. I had to give the people more of me and I wanted to.”

HoodCelebrityy’s debut mix tape, Can’t Believe It’s Just A Girl is scheduled for a 2017 release. With a sound so well versed and well rounded, from reggae to pop music, Hoodcelebrityy has initiated a “new wave” that shes hand crafted, and has added to her flows. With the appropriately tilted track “The Takeover” she introduces a fresh sound she calls “Trap Reggae.” “It’s like rap infused with Jamaican urban culture. I am a huge fan of hip hop, so I wanted to create a sound that incorporates the witty flows and gangsta beats, with a dance hall edge.”