Santa Muerte

Sunday 7:30–8:10 Yellow Stage
When considering forward thinking bass music in Texas, it’s hard to look beyond the influence of Sines and his Freshmore imprint, a veritable Houston institution that has been pushing diasporic bass sounds for the better part of the last four years. Recently, veteran producer Sines has joined up with fellow producer Panchitron, the Los Angeles-born producer to form Santa Muerte. Focused on the intersectionality of contemporary dance music sub-culture, the duo has turned their focus on everything from instrumental grime abstractions to the wonderfully tinny direction that reggaeton has taken in the past decade. The name puts a focus on death, more specifically an understanding of how death is understood by the living, and the Santa Muerte sound is undeniably dark, a sweltering trip through choral VSTs, ballroom abrasions and the memorable crunch of the dembow loop. Santa Muerte is a project firmly focused on the dancefloor and while the attitude might be focused more on sonic muck, their originals, edits and mixes do tend to be wildly effective in the hip shaking department.