True American

Saturday 1:00–1:30 Red Stage

True American was founded by Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail in the winter of 2013. After many years battling addiction, Dylan checked himself into a rehab facility in Little Armenia (Los Angeles) on the night of October 9, 2013. At the end of a long week of detox, he found himself alert enough to begin writing again. Thinking back over the years of darkness; the failed five and a half year relationship due to extensive touring, drug use, and a vacant mind slowly turned into a coping mechanism as the songs flowed. After spending nearly three years writing and re-writing a collection of around forty songs, Dylan finally went into Sound Arts Recording Studio in Houston, Texas (a studio in his hometown that he had been recording in since he was 12 years old, which is owned and operated by Brian Baker) and, using his experience as a multi instrumentalist, recorded the debut True American EP single handedly. With the exception of two guest vocalists (Kelsey Lee Bland and Cory Sinclair), he recorded every instrument that you hear on the album. Now along with Taylor Crowell (Rhythm Guitar), Michelle Garcia (Vocals), Sean Hansen (Bass), Mando Ortega (Lead Guitar), and Chris Ramirez (Drums), the band plans to tour behind this debut release starting with Day for Night and continuing on through 2018.