Tyler, The Creator

Saturday 9:00–10:00 Green Stage

Tyler, the Creator caught the world’s attention in a big way in 2010. As the founder of Odd Future, his early notoriety came from his raw, DIY approach to the music business along with his wildly energetic and now infamous live shows, though he has since emerged as one of the most compelling creatives of his generation. From his musical growth as a producer, composer and songwriter that garnered him MTV’s Best New Artist award along with 3 top 5 Billboard-charting albums, to his film and TV work in short films, music video direction, and his Adult Swim sketch comedy show Loiter Squad that is aired for 3 seasons, to his design work for his apparel/lifestyle brand Golf Wang and his customized automotive company Flog Gnaw Motors, Tyler is as business savvy as he is imaginative. He is the head of creative firm Camp Flog Gnaw after which his single-day music festival that has taken place in LA for the past 4 years takes its name. In addition, Tyler has recently launched his own media company, conveniently called Golf Media, which he describes as “Tyler and his brain without restrictions and bullshit.”