Earl Sweatshirt

Friday 11:20–12:10 Blue Stage

At an incredibly young age, Earl Sweatshirt, born Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, has accomplished more than most musicians could possibly imagine. Born to a law professor mother and a poet father, Sweatshirt’s roots are in the city of Los Angeles. His father left the family when Sweatshirt was still very young, and has become a powerful theme for his lyrical content. When he was around sixteen years of age, some of Sweatshirt’s hip-hop material made its way to musical impresario Tyler, The Creator via his myspace. This led to an ongoing collaboration between Sweatshirt and the Odd Future, the collective formed by Tyler, The Creator and other MCs, producers and even visual artists. While he was working with Odd Future, Sweatshirt’s relationship with his mother reached a boiling point. She had become frustrated with his propensity for getting into trouble, and sent him away to a boarding school in Samoa. The experience turned out to be a positive one for Sweatshirt, who became more aligned with his goals while at the “retreat” school for at-risk youth. When he arrived back in the States, he was well-prepared to get back into the rhythms of life as a musician. Immediately getting back together with Odd Future, he began working on new material and performed for the first time to a live audience. In the years since his return, Sweatshirt has gone on to work with some of the most influential hip-hop artists in the business. Creating music with everyone from Frank Ocean to Pharrell Williams, Sweatshirt has made an indelible mark upon the current hip-hop landscape. His 2013 album Doris was a hit with both fans and critics alike, propelling him to success on many levels. At such a young age, Sweatshirt already stands poised to become one of the most powerful musicians of his generation.